Crypto cardFor Web3

Decentralization, Anonymity, Freedom.
Control your fund yourself and don't trust banking.
Flexible KYC
Now DAOs and other Web3 organizations can pay their expenses without going through full KYC and legalizing their structure.
Worldwide Payments
Pay for services in any country in the world without any restrictions.
Low Rates
No hidden fees, pay only for opening a card and a small transaction fee. All rates are taken from trusted world exchanges.
Fast Transactions
Everything is very fast and simple - replenish your account with cryptocurrency and pay your bills instantly.
No more banks - use metamouse crypto card for any payments
Metamouse crypto cards allow you to pay for any services that require a bank card. No restrictions - only freedom, only decentralization.
Pay immediately with Apple and Google Play
Connect your card to your phone so you can tap to pay. There is no need to await the delivery of your physical card.
Control your cards and stay safe
Set limits, let your colleagues use the card, freeze and activate the card with one tap
With favorable currency rates, spend as a local
With your metamouse card, you may easily transact abroad in more than 150 currencies without paying any additional fees.
Spend securely online with one-time use cards
Pay online using one-time use cards whose information is updated after your transaction is over for enhanced security
Fill out the form to get into private beta
Just fill out the form with the planned spending via metamouse crypto card and get the opportunity to participate in our private beta