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Pay for 
Infrastructure Bills 
Marketing Expenses 
Travel Expenses 
Conference Bills 
Office Utilities 
Any Bill 
with Crypto
Bank Transfers - Available Now!
Available with All Integrations - SEPA, SWIFT, CHAPS, etc.
Credit Cards - Coming Soon!
Payment of any bills and services where bank cards are required.
Why You Should Use Metamouse?
Hold your keys
Spend right from your wallet without using centralised exchange
Worldwide payments in 1 day
We aim to process all payments locally within 24h using our p2p network of trusted partners
No need for bank account
Don't bother with exchange crypto to fiat. Pay right away with crypto.
Metamouse Partners
What Bills Can I Pay?
MetaMouse makes it possible to pay any bills in almost any country in the world. Everything is simple - you pay your invoice with cryptocurrency through our application and within 24h on a workweek your invoice will be paid. MetaMouse is not magic, MetaMouse is the future!
Activity Timeline

Q1 2022

🐹 Metamouse v1.0

Payments via SEPA ✅
Payments via SWIFT ✅
Payments in EUR ✅
Ethereum network ✅

Q1/Q2 2022

🐹 Metamouse v1.5

Payments via CHAPS ✅
Payments in USD ⏳
Payments in GBP ⏳

Bitcoin network ✅
Integration with new wallets ⏳

Fill out the form and we will notify you as soon as payment with crypto cards becomes available.