Special Offer

Beta Page

We passed the first stage of testing, which showed very good results. We now give our beta page community the opportunity to become one of the first users and receive exciting rewards, because we value everyone.
200+ New users
Every day they make their first payment via MetaMouse
€29K +
Daily Amount of Paid Invoices
Invoices Were Successfully Paid
What Rewards Do Beta Page Community Get?
No Fees
MetaMouse returns Gas Fee + Our Commission to all testers. We cover all expenses on top of the invoice itself.
Help Us & Earn
After paying an invoice for any amount, we give a reward to our users in the amount of $10 in crypto.
Token Pre-Sale
All users will be added to the Whitelist and will be able to participate in the MetaMouse Token Pre-Sale.
ETH Giveaway
We have prepared a Giveaway for all our new customers, who came from Beta Page, during which everyone will have a chance to win 1 ETH.
Uniquer Role
Participate in testing and get a unique role on our Discord server, which will be impossible to get in the future.
Unique Rewards
For the most active users, the MetaMouse team has prepared great unique rewards.
Become a MetaMouse Customer and receive rewards!
In order to become a MetaMouse customer, you need to perform only 2 actions:

1. Pay any of your bills with cryptocurrency through the MetaMouse service.

2. Contact us and receive your rewards.